imgl8974 Our Philosophy

I believe in organic moments, unfolding naturally.
I believe in real laughter, genuine smiles, true tears.
I believe that love can conquer and quell
and that everyone’s story should be collected
breathtakingly and with passion.
Only through subtle, lively direction should couples be “posed” on their wedding day.
Not upon instruction are raw emotions captured, but through a connection with the individuals, the gifts presented, and time shared.
I believe in letting the wind take your hair and capturing that;
not pausing beauty for hopes of perfection.

I’m proud to be an observer, grasping what is truly important through the events that cross my lens.
I’m a grateful artist who truly only wants to serve the purpose of reaching out into your beautiful lives
and offering you physical evidence of all that you’ve shown to me: solidified love
you can pass down and share when you’ve long gone gray.
I understand how important that role is on this one day
And I’m so humbled for the opportunity.